Franchise Proposal for Vocational Training Centers / Skill Development Centers for Maharashtra

Those Who Are Interested to Start Vocational Training Centers in their area Can Apply

Invitation for Proposal under skill India  employment program of Vocational Training Centers under Central Board of SCVTE Skill Council For Vocational Training and Education

(SCVTE Vocational Education Council) invites Applications for Affiliation of Vocational Training Partners (VTP) to provide skill based Vocational Education.

VTP are invited for Affiliation for Training Program at to be conducted on their Institutes/Trust/Society/company/ Hospitals/Hotels/Industry/NGO/Schools/Vocational Training Centers And other Organisations.


  1. Agriculture Sector
  2. Yoga and Ayurveda
  3. Advertising and Media
  4. Art, Drawing and Special skill
  5. Automobile Sector
  6. Aviation Sector
  7. Beauty Culture and Spa
  8. Chemical Sector
  9. Cookery & Bakery and Food Processing
  10. Fashion Designing and Apparel
  11. Electrical & Electronics Sector
  12. Fire & Safety Sector
  13. Footwear Technology
  14. Health & Safety
  15. Hospitality Sector
  16. Shipping, Logistic and Transport
  17. Printing Technology
  18. Naturopathy and Allied Sector
  19. Plastic Technology
  20. NGO Management
  21. Refrigeration & Air Conditioning Sector
  22. Teacher Training Sector
  23. Veterinary Sector
  24. Unani & Siddha Sector
  25. Hotel Management
  26. Computer & IT Sector
  27. Business & Commerce
  28. Communication & Soft Skill Sector
  29. Civil & Architectural Sector
  30. Mining Sector
  31. Sports Sector
  32. Construction Sector

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